Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fact vs. Fiction: GSNHOF Card Edition

Fact:  Tim over at The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame sent me a nice package of cards that contain some very low serial numbers, several autographs, and a beautiful patch for my Padres collection.

Fiction:  I hate patch cards.

Fact:  Tony Gwynn and Dave Winfield are the only guys who have played more games in right field for the San Diego Padres in franchise history.

Fact:  Brian Giles is in the top ten of almost every offensive statistical category for my beloved Padres.

Fiction:  Casey Kelly is the next Jake Peavy.

Fact:  Kelly was once a top ranked prospect, but he's been working his way back from Tommy John surgery for over a year now.

Fiction:  Arena football is dead.

Fact:  The San Jose Sabercats are 4-0 and the cow bells are ringing.

Fact:  There aren't a lot of them floating around, but I have a small collection of Sabercats memorabilia cards and autographs.

Fiction:  I stopped collecting Devin Setoguchi when he was traded to Minnesota in 2011.

Fact:  Although I don't go out of my way to purchase Seto... I still enjoy adding cards of him to my collection every now and then.

Fiction:  I'm a huge NBA fan.

Fact:  I don't really watch basketball anymore, but I definitely happy for the Golden State Warriors and their fans.

Fact:  I totally appreciate this awesome care package from Tim.

Fact:  I'll be scraping some singles for your cool, interesting, and unique PC's.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Ten Years and Two Hundred Dollars

Ten years ago... I missed the boat on 2005 Topps Heritage baseball, because I was four years removed from the hobby and three years away from jumping back in.

Ten years ago... Andre Ethier went 0 for 5 for the Midland RockHounds, while Eric Chavez, Erubiel Durazo, and Jason Kendall each went 0 for 4 in Oakland's 0 to 1 loss to the Anaheim Angels.

Ten years ago... Frank Thomas was on the disabled list and missed the first 50 games of the 2005 season.

Ten years ago... Albert Pujols hit his 165th home run of his career against the Houston Astros.

Ten years ago... Chipper Jones celebrated his 33rd birthday by walking twice and scoring once.  Unfortunately he left the game early with a bruised left foot and missed the next three games.

Ten years ago... Ryan Klesko had a double and a home run against the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Unfortunately the Padres lost after Brian Lawrence gave up seven hits, walked two batters, and allowed six runs in 2.1 innings pitched.

Ten years ago, Greg Maddux had the night off.  However the day before he threw for eight solid innings while only giving up four hits and two earned runs in a loss against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Ten years ago... Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz both hit home runs in Boston's 11-3 win over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Ten years ago... Brad Wilkerson went 4 for 5, scored three runs, drove in two runs, and came close to hitting for the cycle against the New York Mets.  If it's any consolation, he actually hit for the cycle a few weeks earlier against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Ten years ago... Derek Jeter also fell short of hitting for the cycle after he had a single, double, and a home run against the Texas Rangers.

Ten years ago... Carlos Lee hit two home runs and drove in four runs against the San Francisco Giants.  In the other dugout, Omar Vizquel celebrated his 38th birthday with a single, double, and a triple (yup... the third person of the day to fall short of hitting for the cycle).

Ten years ago... Ichiro Suzuki went 2 for 4, scored two runs, walked once, and drove in a run in Seattle's win over the Cleveland Indians.

Ten days ago... I bid $200 on a 2005 Topps Heritage baseball set (complete with SP's and variations) and won.

I realize that many of you think that I'm insane... and maybe I am.  Two hundred dollars is a lot of money for a non-vintage, non-autographed, or non-relic set.  But with boxes selling for over $100... this was the route I decided to take.

If I never add another Topps Heritage set to my collection, I'll be content...  because I have the one and only Heritage set that honors the greatest baseball card design in the history of trading cards:

Okay... it's your turn:

Ten years ago... were you collecting cards?  Were you collecting the same kind of cards or has your collection evolved?

Happy Friday and sayonara!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cox and Balls

It's Hump Day... which means it's time to show off my junk.

Jerry Coleman
TriStar Authenticated

Bay Area born.  World War II and Korean War veteran.  All-star second baseman.  4x World Series champion.  Legendary San Diego Padres radio announcer.  2005 Ford C. Frick Award winner.  

Mark McGwire
Steiner Authenticated

1984 Olympic silver medalist.  1987 American League Rookie of the Year winner.  1990 Gold Glove Award winner.  1992 home run derby winner.  1999 Lou Gehrig Memorial Award winner.  2x World Series champion.  3x Silver Slugger Award winner.  12x MLB all-star.  MLB All-Century Team member.

Bobby Cox

2010 Topps Tribute Autographed Relics #TAR-BC2

Member of Baseball Hall of Fame.  1985 American League Manager of the Year.  1995 World Series champion.  3x National League Manager of the Year.  5x National League all-star game manager.  15 first place finishes.  4th winningest manager in MLB history.  Most managerial ejections in MLB history.

And if by chance that didn't impress you... then maybe you should check out my Williams:

1999 Greats of the Game #NNO

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Flea Market Finds #81: Cheap Vintage and Some Bobbles

When:  Sunday, April 19th
Where:  Capitol Flea Market
What:  Sports Cards, Bobbles, and Nesting Dolls
How Much?:  $25

It's getting harder and harder to find guys with vintage sports cards at the flea market.  But yesterday, I just so happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Purchase #1:  Baseball and Football Cards $8

1958 Topps #88

I was flipping through this guy's crate of Kenner SLU's when he asked me if I collected baseball cards.

1960 Topps #1

He turned around and pulled out a small box of cards he had found in a storage locker.  There were a lot of cool cards ranging from late 50's vintage to mid 90's inserts.

1960 Topps #28

He told me that he didn't really know much about cards, so I told him that sites like eBay and COMC were good places to start.

1960 Topps #420

After a few minutes, he thanked me... but told me that he wasn't really comfortable with technology and encouraged me to buy them and flip them myself.  He offered me any card in the box for $2... but if I bought more, he'd give me a better deal.

1960 Topps #445

I started sifting through the box and ended up pulling out eight cards.  There were a few more cards that I was interested in, but by this time another guy was breathing down my neck... waiting for his turn to look through the box.

1964 Philadelphia #1

I'm one of those people who feels uncomfortable when my personal bubble is breached, so I grabbed the eight cards, slid over for the guy, and handed the singles to the vendor.

1971 Topps #5

I figured he'd knock off a dollar and sell me the stack for $15... which I would have gladly paid.

1986 Topps #275

But he ended up selling them to me for a buck a piece.  I thanked him for the awesome deal.

It's not very often I stumble across vintage hall of famers at that price.

Purchase #2: 2014 San Jose Earthquakes Russian Nesting Dolls SGA $1

These were given away at last year's California Clasico which featured the San Jose Earthquakes and the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The rivalry between these two teams continues to grow with each passing year.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend last year's game.  But I went to the 2013 game and it was probably the greatest sporting event I have ever attended.

Whether or not you're a soccer fan... if you have a few minutes to spare, I encourage you to check out the highlights from this game:

Truly an epic soccer game.

Purchase #3:  Oakland Athletics Bobbles $14

I actually own both of these bobble heads already, but the price was right and I figure they'll look nice in my classroom.

The one on the left looks like one of those old school bobbles, but it's actually one of the remakes produced in the early 2000's.

The Stomper bobble is hand painted and looks amazing.  Last month, there was an eBay auction for these two bobbles that sold for $61 (+ $8.50 shipping).

Purchase #4:  1993-94 Donruss Elite Series #10 $2

It seems absurd to pay two bucks for an insert serial numbered to 10,000, but if you collected hockey cards in the early to mid 90's... then you know why I couldn't pass up this card.  Back in the day, this was one of the nicest insert sets around and this Gretzky is a huge addition to my hockey card collection.

Overall... this is one of my most memorable trips to the flea market in the past year or so.  I wouldn't exactly say that the drought is over... but adding those vintage cards and the cool Gretzky insert is a nice place to start.

Happy Monday and sayonara!